Panasonic TC-65CX400U LCD Ultra HDTV Review

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“Thus adjusted, the TC-65CX400U delivered mostly pristine and engaging pictures characterized by excellent color. Pixels may be a preposterously inane Adam Sandler vehicle about aliens who attack earth using oversized classic videogame characters as weapons, but it proved surprisingly amusing—with a few genuine laugh-out-loud moments—for a guy who grew up floating around late ’70s arcades. (There must be a reason it grossed $240 million in box office despite weak reviews.) Plot aside, it’s a stunningly bright and colorful movie (with all those game characters come to life) and perfect for showing off what this TV does well. From the punchy orange truck driven by home theater installer-turned-hero Sam Brenner (Sandler); to the natural green foliage and lawns at a park in London where the aliens make an attack”




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