DALI Rubicon 8 Speaker System Review

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“Most drums don’t produce low frequencies that extend exceptionally deep—40 Hz or so, to be generous—but the Rubicons dredge deeper than that. While the speakers won’t fully satisfy fans of the lowest ranks of the largest pipe organs (few full-range speakers do), they do make a good stab at it. The deepest bass on “Gnomus” from Pictures at an Exhibition, transcribed to organ and performed by Jean Guillou, challenges the bottom of that instrument’s capabilities. And while I can’t say that it shook my pant legs as rudely as it did with a subwoofer in my previous listening room (with more help from room gain there than in my current space, which is more than twice as large), it was certainly satisfying. Ditto for the deepest bass on “Napalm for Breakfast” from the Rhythm Devils’ Apocalypse Now Sessions.”





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