Panasonic DX750 (TX-50DX750B) Ultra HD 4K TV Review

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“The Adaptive Backlight Control (local dimming) on the DX750 was a little disappointing, especially compared to the sophisticated system employed by Samsung, and even in the low mode we saw artefacts that were quite obvious at times. Although it was less an issue of haloing and more of a problem of the entire image obviously dimming in certain scenes. However since the native blacks and backlight uniformity are good, if you sit central to the screen there is very little difference with the local dimming on or off and at least when it’s off you avoid any issues. In terms of the viewing angles the DX750 is obviously restricted due to its use of a VA panel but the viewing angles are certainly better than we experienced on Samsung’s KS9000 or even Panasonic’s own DX902. The DX750 has a filter over the screen that we assume is designed to reduce reflections but it also became slightly visible when there were bright images on screen such as with 3D or HDR content. It was only apparent when sat quite close, probably too close to the screen, but once noticed it could be distracting.”





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