JVC Procision DLA-X750R 3D D-ILA Projector Review



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It would be easy to cast a stone at JVC for not releasing a true native 4K projector this year. I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t secretly hoping for one as well. But I also know that there’s no free lunch. JVC has spent years refining their 1080p projectors and their e-shift 4K solution, and we’ve continually seen the improved results. Would I rather have a native 4K projector that costs more but doesn’t perform to the same levels when it comes to contrast, image enhancements, and brightness? I don’t think so. And even though 4K content is gaining more ground, it still isn’t anywhere near as prevalent as 1080p is right now. I would much rather see JVC continue to improve their projectors and release 4K when they can achieve similar performance and realistic price points—especially when you see how good their projectors are compared with the native 4K solutions we already have out there at pretty significant price premiums
Read more at http://www.soundandvision.com/content/jvc-procision-dla-x750r-3d-d-ila-projector-review-page-2#MhhwbS4i03i6bqvT.99″





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