SVS PB16-Ultra Ported Subwoofer $ 2,499. Review

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“Another notable characteristic of the PB16-Ultra driver is the use of an underhung voice coil, although this is not quite as radical since it was also used in the PB13-Ultra. A voice coil being underhung means the height of the coil winding is not larger than the magnetic gap that the coil travels in (a more thorough explanation can be found in this article). The advantage of this approach in the PB16-Ultra is an underhung coil can grant more linear excursion, and this seems to be the case with SVS’s claimed linear excursion of 82 mm peak-to-peak, giving it a tremendous 41 mm of xmax, which is the largest xmax I have ever heard of for a commercial subwoofer using a cone of 18” or less.”




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