Samsung UE65KS8000 Review

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” With black frame insertion (BFI) activated by enabling [LED Clear Motion], the Samsung UE65KS8000 – in fact the entire KS7000, KS7500, KS8000 and KS9000 series – provided the highest motion resolution available on the market at this time of writing without introducing soap opera effect or interpolation artefacts, fully resolving 1080 lines (or even higher) according to the horizontally scrolling lines in Chapter 31 of the FPD Benchmark Software test disc. Bizarrely, the 65KS8000′s motion rendition was even clearer than the flagship 65KS9500 whose BFI was still broken on the latest firmware. Together with excellent screen uniformity (at least on our review sample) and flat form factor, this level of high motion clarity made watching sports a joy on the Samsung KS8000.”




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