OPPO UDP-203 4K Blu-ray Player Review

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“For the less important but still noteworthy chroma upscaling, the OPPO 203 also does a good job. All Blu-ray players must upscale chroma on all displays, because the 4:2:0 chroma subsampling method used by DVD, BD and UHD BD stores the colored layers of the picture at half the resolution of the luminance. Panasonic frequently touts the superior quality of its own proprietary chroma upsampling method, and it’s true that this can result in higher color detail, again most notably on large projection-sized setups. For example, the red and blue diagonal lines on the Spears & Munsil test disc’s Color Space checker appeared less jagged on Panasonic’s UB900 when compared to the OPPO UDP-203″





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