Arcam rPlay Network Streamer Review

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“The only real wrinkle in this otherwise deeply impressive roster of talents comes from the streaming service implementation. As noted, the app integration is good – very good in fact. Sonically, the results are a little more mixed. Listening to Tidal via the rPlay is not as convincing a prospect as it should be. Listening to an album on Tidal versus a 16/44.1 rip on both the resident Naim ND5XS and the rather more sympathetically priced Musaic MPL gives a performance that if you forensically sit and pull it apart, you can probably have a fighting chance of identifying correctly. The Arcam for reasons I don’t fully understand, sounds thinner and less at ease via Tidal than it does playing a rip – even if the connection is also made wirelessly. I don’t know why this is the case but if you’re a heavy Tidal user it might be worth taking this into account. It’s also worth noting that Spotify seems to be unaffected.”



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