LG Signature OLED65W7P OLED Ultra HDTV Review


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” Among the enhancements since last year, a Magic Link feature provides an onscreen icon you can click to search for recommendations similar to what you’re viewing (if you’re watching The Sopranos, will it recommend Madame Butterfly?). Along with a new pair of dedicated Netflix and Amazon buttons on the remote, a new Quick Access function allows each of its numeric keys to similarly provide one-touch access to other apps. Although we didn’t test that function, LG confirmed for us later that any tile appearing on the Web OS launcher bar can be programmed for quick-key access, including not just apps for content providers but also the various source input selections that typically show up. There’s also a revision to LG’s Magic Zoom function introduced last year, which allows you to not only zoom in on any portion of the picture but now also record it to a USB drive—helpful if you’ve got video of your kid playing in the school orchestra and want to see only him or her. Album art and onscreen lyrics from a third-party provider have been added to the Music Player, and there’s a new Gallery function that places your family photos or other images inside a static, faux frame design—an especially effective simulation on the ultra-thin W7 wallpaper model.”




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