JVC DLA-X7000 HDR Projector Review

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” Due to the use of active-shutter glasses (ASG) 3D technology, tri-dimensional image was always going to look dimmer, and there’s a touch of crosstalk too, but at least the JVC DLA-X7000 delivered full HD 3D resolution (verified using our own custom-authored 3D resolution test pattern), and exhibited no judder with 24Hz, 50Hz and 60Hz material in the third dimension. Whilst [Lamp Mode] defaulted to “High” in 3-D mode, this could be set to “Low” if the fan noise bothers you, but of course the 3D picture would look even darker. Note that the £5,699 option doesn’t ship with 3D sync emitter or glasses that are required for 3-dimensional viewing, though we’re informed that a pricier £6,100 package will include two pairs of PK-AG3 RF 3D glasses and a PK-EM2 RF Synchro Emitter.”







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