Panasonic TX-65EZ1002B OLED Review

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“Panasonic provides two ways to reduce blur and improve motion clarity on the EZ1002B, although whatever the permutation, the highest motion resolution we could extract from the OLED TV was 650 lines. First is motion-compensated frame interpolation (MCFI) which is controlled via the [Intelligent Frame Creation] setting. Besides “Off“, there are three [IFC] intensities of “Min“, “Mid” and “Max” in addition to a “Custom” mode which allows user to independently adjust the [Blur Reduction] and [Film Smooth] components. Even the least aggressive [IFC] “Min” setting incurred very mild soap opera effect (SOE) to 24p films and interpolation artefacts, so if you can’t get on with the next method and prefer to use interpolation to boost motion sharpness, we suggest using [IFC] “Custom” with the appropriate [Blur Reduction] and [Film Smooth] values.”




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