Polk Signature S60 Speaker System $1,600Review

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“I always prefer to begin my listening with full-range stereo auditions, straight no chaser (and no subwoofer). So I cued up “Straight, No Chaser”—a hard-driving version of the Thelonious Monk classic by B3 lunatic Dr. Lonnie Smith (via Tidal) on my Oppo BDP-105D player. Drummer Johnathan Blake’s busy cymbal rides and aggressive snare fills sounded excellently airy and lifelike, while the good Doctor’s percussive organ riffs carried that peculiarly Hammond-tonian note-attack puff, and some gurgly grit when a handful of low notes collided, to underline realism. And this persisted at lifelike levels: The S60s had no trouble producing real-club levels without compromising the lower-frequency clarity and dynamics necessary to convey Smith’s B3 barrage.”


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