JL Audio Fathom IWS-SYS-1 In-Wall Subwoofer System$4,500 Review

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While the sub was burning in, I took advantage of the repetitive playback of a heavy bass track to check out these various isolation techniques. I had installed the sub in a normal, ordinary interior wall separating my home theater and a hallway, so while the sub was play- ing, I walked out into the hall. Not surprisingly, I could hear muffled bass coming from the room, and the wall was vibrating slightly—but nothing an in-room sub wouldn’t have also caused. The amazing thing was this: When I ran my hand along the wall of the hallway, spanning multiple studs, it was nearly impossible to tell where the sub was installed. Even more astonishing: As far as I could tell, there was a nearly equal amount of vibration along the wall on the left side of the door as there was on the right side, where the sub was installed. Those results made it well worth the time and effort involved in the installation.”


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