Revel Concerta2 M16 Speaker System $4,050 Review

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I’ve always listened to Jorma Kaukonen’s River of Time (CD) at low to moderate volumes, thinking they were best suited to the gentle congress of acoustic instruments and Jorma’s thoughtful, reflective vocals. But something made me turn it up several times. I wanted to hear more of the evenly proportioned string bass (thanks, Revel and R.A.B.O.S.), more of the natural texture of other stringed instruments, more of the soft exhalation of distantly miked cymbals, and especially more of that deep, un-speaker-bound soundstage. Usually, there’s a tradeoff between volume and listening comfort, and any speaker can be forced into an uncomfortable sense of straining and even gross distortion at high volumes—but I never got to that point with the Concerta2 in my listening room. Good output capabilities and high resolution are an attractive combination.


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