Philips 55POS9002 Ambilight OLED Review

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Nevertheless, it’s possible to achieve the highest motion resolution without such side effects with the correct [Perfect Natural Motion] and [Perfect Clear Motion] settings, even though the Philips 9002 doesn’t have black frame insertion (BFI) on board. On balance, we feel once optimised, TP Vision Philips’ motion implementation is the most watchable among OLED manufacturers: Panasonic’s HCX2 processor drops frames on 25p/ mixed edits broadcast material unless [Game Mode] or [Pure Direct Mode] is engaged; Sony’s [Motionflow] still introduces the slightest SOE to a trained eye if you wish to extract the highest motion clarity from the Bravia A1; and LG’s [TruMotion] is susceptible to the odd stutter (albeit much rarer with the latest firmware update).”




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