Optoma UHD65 DLP Projector Review

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you can choose any picture mode as a base starting point. Using my HD Fury Integral box to generate HDR patterns, I measured the brighter picture modes (Cinema, Vivid, and HDR) to see which one handled HDR signals most accurately. The Cinema mode, with HDR Effects set to Bright, proved to be the best choice. Obviously a projector can’t get as bright as the new HDR TVs to take full advantage of HDR material’s peak brightness. The UHD65 measured about 155 nits with a full white field in HDR mode. (The only other HDR-capable projector I’ve measured in HDR mode is the more expensive JVC DLA-X970R, which put out 179.6 nits.) The question is, how accurately does a projector render HDR content within its own brightness capabilities? In the Cinema HDR mode, the EOTF (aka the new gamma) tracked almost perfectly along the target, and the gray-scale Delta Error was right round the DE3 target. The color points are farther off the DCI-P3 targets than projectors like the JVC DLA-X970R and Epson 6040UB”






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