Cambridge Audio CXUHD Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Review

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Aside from the basic controls on the front panel of the player itself, all the main setup and control is done via the provided remote. This controller is essentially the same as the ones included with Cambridge Audio’s regular Blu-ray players, aside from the addition of an HDR button, and it’s quite nicely designed with a soft rubber back and a black brushed metal effect on the front, which matches the player itself. The remote is comfortable to hold, easy to use with one hand and, importantly, it includes a backlight that illuminates the buttons very effectively. The overall layout of the buttons is reasonably simple, with the navigation and playback buttons in a central circle and various other buttons located above and below these central controls. However, as with previous Cambridge Audio remotes, we do find the majority of the buttons to be a bit small and since they’re all the same size and shape it can be hard to tell one from another. We also found the layout of the navigation and playback buttons to be less than intuitive sometimes, so overall it took a while to get used to the remote, but every control you need is there somewhere.”





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