HEOS Bar Three-Channel Soundbar Review

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” The soundbar by itself delivers usable low-frequency energy down 60 Hz. That’s not a published spec, by the way, since no such numbers are available for the unit. But my own testing revealed that to be somewhere in the neighborhood of what honest specs would report. For its size and price, the HEOS Subwoofer digs surprisingly deeper, reaching ably into the mid-30s, with some staggeringly robust output in the neighborhood of 50 Hz, a point at which most subs have a bit of a boost to enhance that feeling of kick or punch. Quite frankly, the sub probably delivers more output in this range than most people need. In my roughly 200-square-foot bedroom, I had to dial the sub down to -7 to tame its ferocity a bit (its range runs from -12 to +12). Adjusting the bass slider on the system’s two-band EQ to -3 also went a long way toward bringing things into tonal balance in my room.”






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