SVS PC-4000 Subwoofer Review

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I performed all of my testing in the sub’s Standard mode, but SVS provides port plugs that let you adjust the tuning to your liking. Plugging one port—and changing a parameter in the SVS app—places the sub in Extended mode. This means it will have greater output below 20 Hz but less maximum output versus Standard mode. If you seal all three ports, the response below 35 Hz is reduced in level, but the bass is a bit tighter and more controlled. If I were using this sub for music only, sealed would be my preference. For movies, however, it would be a toss-up between Standard (more output) and Extended (deeper bass extension). Bear in mind that every mode works well with all types of content, so which you choose is a matter of your environment, preferred listening levels, and how you like your bass to sound.”






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