Monoprice Monolith 12″ and 15″ THX Ultra Subwoofers Review

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“Unboxing either subwoofer is a two-person job: The 12” weighs just under 100 pounds (98.5, to be exact), and the 15” weighs 128.5 pounds. Then there’s the added weight of the double-boxed shipping container. There are no instructions for unpacking the beast, but it’s best to open the top of the outer box, slowly flip the whole thing over, and lift the outer box off the inner one. Repeat the process to remove the sub from the inner enclosure; your back will thank you. Each sub has spiked rubber feet, so it’s best to use some sliding furniture movers (available at your local hardware store) to position it. Monoprice includes a pair of white gloves in case you want to provide your own white-glove service and keep oily fingerprints off the satinfinish, black ash vinyl.”



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