Marantz SR7012 9.2CH AV Receiver $2199 Review

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“The SR7012 sits just below Marantz’s flagship SR8012 AVR. Marantz’s SR8012 commands an $800 premium due to several differences such as a substantially larger power supply, which uses a Toroid vs ecore; a copper plated chassis; and two more on-board amplification channels (a total of 11). Whether or not Marantz’s SR7012 or SR8012 is a better value will depend on your specific performance and installation needs.

The SR7012 is billed as a 9.2-Channel receiver, reflecting its on-board amplifier channels. The Marantz can natively power a 7.1.2 or 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos/DTS:X and 9.1 Auro-3D immersive audio setups. However, the SR7012 has a cool little secret. It has an 11.2-channel preamp section capable of driving a full 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos/DTS:X setup or 10.1 Auro-3D if you add an additional two-channel amplifier.”



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