Klipsch R-28PF Powered Floorstanding Speaker Review

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“Keeping this connection configuration, I queued up Marvel’s Doctor Strange on the Netflix app in the OPPO. The hero music sounded as triumphant as it should. Dialogue quality was strong. In one scene where Dr. Strange speaks with the Ancient One, Benedict Cumberpatch’s voice was deep and authoritative, while Tilda Swinton’s was calm and even keeled. In all the fight scenes, the combatants use magical weapons that give off wisps and whiffs of air that the Klipsch system effortlessly detailed. In the final battle scene, as buildings collapse and reassemble and all sorts of mind-bending, physics-defying attacks are traded off between Strange and the evil Kaecilius, the Klipsch speakers captured every beat with clarity and dynamism that drew me into the action.”




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