Sony XBR-65X900F LCD Ultra HDTV Review

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In addition to HDR10, the X900F also supports the Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR formats, but not HDR10+. Sony released its Dolby Vision update for the X900F just before our copy deadline. Upon installing it, the set would switch automatically to a Dolby Vision picture mode and displayed a Dolby Vision logo onscreen to indicate a Dolby Vision source. But that was only with compatible apps that were streamed internally by the TV. For outboard sources such as an external streaming box or Ultra HD Blu-ray player, Dolby Vision can be accessed only if the makers of those sources update their devices accordingly.

Another update we received close to the press deadline for this report was the Beta version of the Dolby Vision firmware enabling Oppo Ultra HD Blu-ray players to play Dolby Vision sources in Dolby Vision on the Sony XBR-65X900F. The Dolby Vision logo appears at the beginning of a Dolby Vision disc and the set switches to a special Dolby Vision Picture Mode. While there was no time to perform a Dolby Vision calibration, the default settings on that Dolby Vision Picture Mode (apart from Motionflow, which I turned off) produced exceptional results.







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