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For the past two years, HDR has commonly come in one flavor, HDR10. It’s found on every Ultra HD Blu-ray as well as some streamed content. It makes a definite improvement in perceived contrast with the capability to provide super-bright highlights and deep blacks with fine shadow detail. But what of Dolby Vision? It makes things even better by tailoring itself to the capabilities of each individual display. Rather than applying a fixed tone map like HDR10, it reconfigures itself based on what display its shown on. It was the first HDR standard to appear, but it has been slower to catch on with content. VIZIO has supported it since the 2015 Reference Series and it was added to the P Series in 2016.

Today, I’ll be looking at VIZIO’s latest P-series Ultra HD television, the P65-F1. It’s a 65” panel with a full-array local-dimming backlight and, you guessed it, Dolby Vision. Finally, I’ll have a display that’s fully compatible with the OPPO UDP-203 that’s been in my system for well over a year. HDR10 is great but I’ve been dying to see what Dolby Vision can do. And as it turns out, many new UHD Blu-ray titles feature the technology.”




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