Philips 65OLED903 4K HDR OLED TV Review

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“Other likeable things about the TV are that you can watch it from any angle without the picture breaking 
down; it’s new ‘magic wand’ stick remote is beautifully designed and fun to use; and it delivers around 22ms of input lag in its Game picture preset. It also runs the Android TV smart interface/platform more solidly, stably and slickly than Sony’s TVs. Nor does the processing power needed to run Android seem to cause slow downs in the TV’s setup menus.

That said, Android remains my least favourite of the big smart TV systems. It takes over too much screen real estate, doesn’t offer enough personalisation, and shows little understanding of the stuff most smart TV (as opposed to smartphone) users are interested in. Android Oreo is expected to appear on the 65OLED903 before the end of the year in place of the current Nougat system, and early evidence suggests this will deliver a big improvement. Fingers crossed.

While the upscaling of HD is usually outstanding, if your source is particularly grainy – such as Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 on Blu-ray – this grain can become noticeably exaggerated, regardless of whether you stick with Philips’ Ultra Resolution option or not. I even saw occasional white sparklies and ringing around grain points. Philips’ noise reduction processing on its medium or high settings largely removes this noise, but can leave grain looking a bit artificial – like watching the image through a net curtain.”





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