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As always, we start this section of the review by finding the most accurate picture preset available that matches the industry standards. These are the standards to which the content you watch is mastered and by matching them on the B8 we can see it as intended. There are plenty of picture presets available, which we go over in detail further into the review, but here we are looking for accuracy.

Normally, we would suggest choosing the Technicolour or ISF dark room presets as they are usually the same, but here we found that the Technicolour preset was actually far too green and didn’t measure well at all. Because of this, we stuck with the ISF dark room preset. One interesting point is that this particular LG B8 we are testing was a brand new sealed retail example from Crampton and Moore, so will it vary wildly from review samples sent directly from LG? Do golden samples exist? No, they don’t, and we have proven this on numerous occasions, but let’s see once again if that’s the case.”



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