KEF’s R Series Speakers Review

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The R3 stand-mounted speaker ($2,000 per pair) is a 3-way, rear-ported design that combines the new 12th-generation Uni-Q with a 6-inch bass driver. The R Series also includes three floor-standing speakers, starting with the R5 ($2,800 per pair). This slim tower uses the same Uni-Q, but replaces the single 6-inch bass driver with a pair of 5.25-inch drivers in a D’Appolito configuration. The larger R7 floor-stander ($3,800 per pair) is similar, but with twin 6-inch woofers. The flagship R11 speaker ($5,000 per pair) contains four 6-inch woofers, two above and two below the central Uni-Q driver. The new R Series offers just one center-channel speaker, the R2c ($1,200 each), which places a Uni-Q between a pair of 5.25-inch woofers. Lastly, the R8a ($1,400 per pair) is designed to play two roles. Mounted to a rear or side wall, the R8a performs rear-channel duties for surround sound. But it can also be placed on top of other R Series speakers, becoming an upward-firing Atmos speaker. Unlike the previous R Series, the new lineup doesn’t include a dipole surround speaker, nor is there a new R Series subwoofer. The previous R Series also included a second (larger) center-channel option, and a small two-way bookshelf speaker. Despite these omissions, the new R Series certainly looks appealing, and will almost certainly deliver excellent performance.”





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