Samsung Q900 8K TV 85-inch hands-on

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“An excellent-performing 8K TV like the Q900 looks a lot like an excellent 4K TV. Samsung showed me some 8K demo footage that looked incredible, but the bulk of material I viewed was lower resolution, upscaled to 8K on the Q900. Based on my experience at Samsung’s lab, all those pixels and fancy upscaling didn’t vastly improve non-8K images, even at 85 inches.

I spent much of my time in a dark room comparison, where Samsung had set up the Q900 next to the largest 4K TV it had available, the 82-inch 82Q6FN that costs $3,500. Beyond the resolution difference, the Q6 lacks most of the image quality extras of the Q900, including that fancy upscaling, full array local dimming and insane brightness. Samsung claims the Q900 can get to 4,000 nits in dynamic mode and 2,000 in movie mode. That’s brighter than any production TV I know about, and although I didn’t want to measure the sample Samsung exhibited (mainly because it was less than final), I believe it.”



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