Samsung QE85Q900R 8K TVReview

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“It’s not always a peerless picture, however. Every now and then, with relatively dark sequences that contain a complicated mix of light and dark content, such as some of Darkest Hour’s war cabinet meetings, the screen’s backlighting can cause colour tones to become a little thin, and some sudden blooming can creep into the black bars above and below wide aspect ratio pictures. And I found you have to be quite careful with the 85Q900R’s settings if you want to get a balanced, natural SDR picture that doesn’t exaggerate source noise, too.

Finally, the 85Q900R’s sound is disappointing. It’s free of distortion and displays a decent dynamic range, even with the rich dynamics of Ant-Man and The Wasp’s ‘Quantum Realm’ scenes. But the sound always appears to be coming from behind the screen, rather than taking over the room and immersing you in the action. This is a cinematic display that should be tethered to a home cinema sound system from day one.”



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