Samsung Q900R 8K QLED Review

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The Samsung Q900R uses an 8K VA panel with Full Array Local Dimming technology and advanced dimming algorithms. Panel uniformity was very good indeed with no obvious clouding or pooling of light and no noticeable Dirty Screen Effect (DSE) at any uniform brightness level. There was some very slight vertical banding seen every now and again with very bright content, but with football viewing (or other sports or content with large areas of one colour during pans of the camera) it wasn’t noticeable unless you went looking for it. And even then it was really difficult to see unless you were making a point of looking for it and continually sending torture tests to catch it out. In normal viewing, it is barely noticeable and we only mention it to be complete in our assessment.

Viewing angles are not brilliant, but then again it is a VA panel and, as such, to get the best possible performance you need to be watching the TV directly on. Moving to 30 degrees or more introduces issues with contrast and colour shifts and blacks become milky. You also start to notice haloing and blooming from the FALD backlight when off-axis by more than 30 degrees. Watching directly on there are no issues visible. This is an inherent drawback of the VA panel technology but the compromises are excellent black levels and contrast performance.”



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