8K projector – Wolf Cinema 8K projector TXF-3500

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Among the highlights of the TXF-3500 experience McGall points to, “imaging fidelity, detail, colour accuracy” and what was described simply as “true filmic imaging,” given that, even from a few centimetres away, no pixel structure is visible. He suggests when viewed up close, the image “looks more like 35 or 70mm film….. and what’s best of all, our TXF-3500 Ultra 8K ensemble is eminently affordable, priced within the reach of many video enthusiasts.

8K will take some time to get some traction but do products such as the TXF-3500 and demos such as the one planned at ISE 2019 give you confidence that the technology will take off with enough support from the industry. Let us know in the discussion thread.





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