Harmony Elite Universal Remote, Hub and App Review

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“It’s also easy to bind lighting scenes to different AV activities, so if you want your overhead lights to dim when you watch a movie but not when you surf TV, setting that up is a snap. The Harmony Elite also has two lighting hard buttons and two smart plug hard buttons at the bottom of the remote, which you can assign different loads to permanently. If you tend to need to operate the same loads when you’re entertaining yourself, that could be super handy.

The Harmony also makes it easy to configure your favorite TV channels. In my case, I told it I was on Dish network and had local Montgomery, AL channels, and the app automatically preconfigured a bunch of stations it thought I would like. Un-starring the ones I have no interest in and adding my own more obscure favorites took only seconds. Once all of that is done, you simply upload the results to the remote itself, run through a test to make sure everything is working correctly, and you’re done.

The remote itself is an interesting one. As I said above, the presence of dedicated lighting control and smart plug hot buttons does set it apart from the rest of the Harmony pack. In terms of its overall shape and layout, though, it’s not all that dissimilar to the discontinued Harmony Ultimate Home, though its buttons are much more logically laid out, much like the IR-only Harmony 950.”




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