Krell Theater 7 Amplifier $7,500 Review

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While Incredibles 2 didn’t have quite the spark that made the original movie so great, there’s no denying that the opening nine-minute sequence when The Underminer robs a bank in Metroville is a fantastic home theater demonstration. With the combined sounds of the Underminer’s tunneling machine and money vacuum, the Incredibles’ attempts to stop him, and a jazzy music background all going at once, this sequence can give any audio system a real workout. The Theater 7 maintained its composure throughout the clip, with dialogue remaining clear and fully resolved. Even without benefit of a subwoofer, the combination of the Krell amp and the Synchrony One tower speakers managed to get the walls shaking in my 14 x 16-foot theater room.

After taking into consideration “Krell watts” versus what you get with more typical power amps, 105 watts-per-channel can still be a limiting factor in some larger rooms, especially when inefficient speakers are used. Personally, I’m more of a quality over quantity kind of guy, and I’d always go for an amp like the Theater 7 over a lesser alternative with a higher power output specification. In my setup, I never felt like I was running short of juice. (Of course, if you want to have it all, Krell also offers the 7 x 200-watt Chorus 7200XD amplifier.)”







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