Definitive Technology BP9080x, BP9060, CS9060 Dolby Atmos Speakers Review

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The CS9060 center channel is one model below the CS9080 for Definitive’s flagship center channel. The $699 speaker isn’t your typical center channel. It boasts a frequency response of 32Hz – 40kHz. The 1-inch dome tweeter is flanked with two 4.5-inch bass-mid woofers and an 8-inch powered subwoofer. The CS9060 is not a bipole design. There are no rear-firing drivers. It’s therefore easy to put the CS9060 inside or on top of a cabinet.

All speaker models (save the A90 add-on) are powered by a Class D amplifier. You’ll therefore need to make sure you have an electrical outlet close to each speaker location.

When the speakers receive an audio signal and turn on, Definitive Technology has a cool feature on the speakers where the letter “D” on the front base of the speaker lights up. If you’re in a dark theater environment and don’t want the distraction, you can turn the light off with a switch on the speaker’s rear panel.”






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