Sony VPL-VW995ES LCOS Projector $35,000 Review

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Anyone who knows me knows I can go on and on about measurements and how projector A compares to projector B based on numbers, but I also love just sitting back and marveling at the image quality that modern day projectors deliver. Having a projector like the VW995ES to view 4K/HDR on Ultra HD Blu-ray, streaming apps, and games with was nothing short of a delight.

Everyday use of the projector was a delight. The remote is large, backlit and easy to navigate and direct access to the picture modes and lens positions made it easy to watch things exactly the way I wanted to. Sony’s projectors have always been known for their chassis design and quiet operation and the VW995ES was no exception. The character of noise was slightly different than what I heard with the VW885ES, but both were equally unobtrusive during operation, even at full laser output. If I really listened for fan noise I could make it out in the quietest passages of movies, but it was never an issue that took me out of the moment.’








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