PSB Alpha T20 Speaker System Review

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“For the new Alpha Series, Barton has made changes to both the cabinet construction and internal damping. While cabinets with internal stiffening braces are unusual at this price level, the new Alphas are not just well-braced, but built with high-quality MDF to help control any cabinet resonances. Internal damping uses the same thick, compressed felt- type material normally seen in high-end speakers, with careful positioning to prevent internal standing waves.

Basic drive units were not ignored in the Alpha Series makeover, with an all-new 0.75- inch tweeter and 4.5- and 5.25- inch woofers used in various combinations between the line- up’s four models. The tweeter uses an anodized aluminum dome with a neodymium magnet and ferrofluid to reduce thermal compression, while the polypropylene woofer cones have a textured surface that, according to Barton, helps reduce distortion and cone breakup modes.”






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