EluneVision Reference Studio 4K Fixed Frame Screen Review

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“he screen comes with a well laid out instruction manual for assembly. It took me around half an hour to construct the screen with the help of a friend. Setup was relatively easy and straightforward. The frame is extremely rigid and has no flex to it whatsoever. The tensioning system for the screen material is well thought out and, once installed correctly, leaves you with a perfectly tensioned screen with no visible sag or wrinkles. The screen comes with wall-mount brackets and the accessories needed to affix your screen to a wall.

To test out EluneVision’s lofty claims about material quality, I compared it directly to a sample of StudioTek 100 on hand. It’s nearly impossible to make claims about differences between the two without having both at the same time. One objective test to judge screen material quality by is how well it can portray pixels on screen.”



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