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Viewing 1080p material upconverted to Ultra HD exhibited more detail as there are now four times as many pixels reproducing the video. The result is reduced stepping on diagonals, and the X1 Processor likely contributes to a virtually artifact-free upconversion. Previous Sony 4K models always introduced a little bit of ringing to contrasting edges of 1080p material, evident on test patterns and less so with real 1080p content. Now upconversion looks flawless! Watching the same films above in their respective HD versions is solid. This is a very fine 1080p television that follows the rules to make good looking video once calibrated. While 100nit HD material doesn’t wow as much as UHD-HDR content, and even though there are fewer local dimming zones than the previous 65Z9D, Picture Processor X1 Ultimate ensures that the Sony 65Z9F does a remarkable job delivering the 1080p goods.”






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