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The subwoofer has its own detachable IEC power cord and four RCA outputs for the surround speakers along with a power switch and a pairing button. The four RCA outputs accommodate separate wiring for the surround and rear Atmos channels. To keep things simple, VIZIO combined the two separate wires for the surround and rear Atmos channels into a single cable, which keeps installation easy. Each cable is 20 feet long which should be adequate for just about any installation. The subwoofer is paired to the sound bar when you take the unit out of the box, which speeds up the initial setup time. As I was swapping the SB36512 out for the SB46514, setup was incredibly easy. The 46” sound bar went on my corner TV cabinet in front of my 50” Fujitsu plasma and the surround speakers sat on top of two end tables flanking my primary listening position. I made sure that the up-firing speakers in the surrounds had an unobstructed bounce path to my ceiling by moving my two lamps further back on the tables”






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