SIM2 Nero 4S 4K HDR projector £30,000 Review

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There are other negatives to report. One is that I did occasionally notice DLP technology’s rainbow effect, where stripes of red, green and blue appear momentarily over stand-out bright parts of the picture. To be fair, this problem didn’t crop up as often as might be expected of a single-chip PJ running so brightly, but it was apparent with white on black content, such as the ‘chapter headers’ in Bad Times at the El Royale or the white space-ships against blackness in the 4K BD of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The Nero 4S’s cooling fans run quite noisily in the Bright lamp setting required for HDR viewing. This is barely an issue, though, as prospective setups will likely have the PJ ceiling-mounted high above the seating position, or enclosed in its own hush box.




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