Sony VPL-VW870ES Review

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Made up of 18 elements, it is designed to optimise the colour convergence from the three SXRD panels for a pin-sharp and colour accurate picture, and it does so for a 100in display at a distance between 3m to 6m, with a throw ratio of 1.35:1 to 2.90:1. The ARC-F is interchangeable though, so, for an additional £8190 cost, you can switch it for the VPLL-Z7008 short focus zoom lens, with its throw ratio of 0.85-1.06:1, to cut  the projector-to-screen distance to under 2m.

Both the Z-Phosphor laser’s output and the size of the iris, which sits behind your lens of choice, are constantly and automatically adjusted for the benefit of dynamic range. Each helps to tailor the correct amount of light according to the brightness conditions of the scene it’s trying to reproduce.

According to Sony, that gives the 870ES a contrast ratio of infinity:1 – part of the reason is the projector’s Advanced Iris which self-adjusts during playback. The idea is that it optimises the amount of light let through according to the light levels in each scene. In our tests, we get a better picture with the Advanced”




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