Home cinema install

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The placement of the 3m-wide screen and opposite wall seating aren’t where you’d naturally expect, but as the pool table had to be retained and the room has doors at both ends, designing the cinema across the room’s shorter throw was the sensible option. A 5.1.2 speaker configuration using on-wall surrounds, in-ceiling heights and behind-screen positioning for LCR speakers and subwoofer (making use of the attic eaves) was chosen, with power and processing from an Arcam AVR550 receiver – the latter’s Dirac room correction suite employed to tackle the cinema’s unusual shape.

Adding to the room’s galactic aesthetic are two key details. Firstly, a vast 8m x 2m fibre optic star ceiling, using modules from Starscape, was installed – surrounding it is an RGB ‘halo frame’. This, plus additional lighting and AV operation, is handled by Control4 automation hardware.



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