Sony VPL-VW870ES 4K SXRD Laser Projector Review

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Moving to HDR and once again it should be pointed out that projectors, even ones costing £25,000 can’t produce the types of dynamic range images you get from an OLED or LED LCD TV. As a reflective image technology, there is just not enough brightness and contrast, even with dynamic projectors, to have the same types of specular highlights and black levels that a TV can produce. However, it is possible to display HDR images in a way that does look dynamic and impactful, but in a slightly different way to a flat panel set.

Even though the VW870ES has a laser light engine and can produce a good brightness from it, the peak brightness is around 450nits before hard clipping. This means that most HDR content will retain details in most of the black, shadows and mid tones, but the VW870ES will clip the brighter elements in the highlights to retain a dynamic image elsewhere. This is seen in the PQ EOTF results here. The Sony produces a dynamic and consistent image with HDR content mastered at 1000 and 4000nits and only peak highlights are clipped as a result of the tone mapping used. This also allows for a good brightness level for the entire image on show, with no black crush present.”








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