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Beginning with the latter, a new AI sound mode proves effective at analysing the qualities of an incoming signal and then optimising for the C9’s speaker configuration. This results in the cleanest, most powerful and most dynamic audio performance I’ve heard from any generation of C Series LG OLED, and works well with the ultra-dense mix of Ready Player One’s first race sequence (Ultra HD Blu-ray). The TV also carries Dolby Atmos decoding (but lacks any upfiring speakers) and has an on/off Dolby Atmos mode. I generally preferred the AI mode presentation, even with Atmos streams; an exception being some Dolby Atmos Xbox game titles, where the experience was unexpectedly three-dimensional and bass-rich.

More AI cleverness comes in the form of a new Picture AI mode, which uses a database of picture ‘scenarios’ to more quickly and accurately assess incoming video so that it can apply picture settings in real time. The lower the quality of your source, the more effective this mode is – chiefly because it manages to remove substantial amounts of source noise and compression artefacts without making images look soft.”







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