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XBR-65A9F and XBR-65Z9F have similar calibration procedures. Unlike other TVs that have fully independent image memories, Sony uses some of the same picture settings for both HD and UHD modes. Some of those settings can be set differently for each source input. They’ve designed the TV so that the calibrated grayscale and gamma for HD also functions for UHD – and it works very well. These settings are also used for multiple inputs and picture modes and can’t be customized separately. For example, grayscale within the Expert modes will be the same for all picture modes and inputs, but the LED Brightness can be set independently. When calibrating for one HDMI input for HD, UHD-HDR10, and Dolby Vision, I needed to ensure all my settings were appropriately selected as I verified them on the other inputs, including the streaming image mode. If using just one HDMI input with all sources connected to an external HDMI switcher in a receiver, this isn’t a concern. But for people who have all sources connected directly to the TV, take some notes of your calibration settings and ensure they are copied over. I’d like to see a “copy all” function in the future.”






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