Integra DRX-4.2 & DRX-4.3 9.2 Channel AV Receiver Review

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The DRX-4.3 is rated for 100wpc (2CH driven) across all 9 amplified channels with the ability to expand to 11 channels of processing via an external 2CH amplifier. The amplification section is traditional Class AB with a linear power supply and 2 very large fans flanking the rather smallish heatsinks. That’s a lot of transistors to cram into a single heatsink like this, which is common these days for Dolby Atmos / DTS:X AV receivers. Realize just a few years ago, these same-sized products had only 7 internal amplifiers. Now receiver companies are cramming 9, 11 and up to 13 channels into similar-sized products. If you were planning on running a 7.1.4 speaker configuration using this AVR, you’d have to add an external 2CH amplifier to power the surround back channels. Unfortunately, you can’t reassign the front channels to the surround backs so if you want more power to the fronts, I’d recommend getting a 5CH amplifier to power the front LCR’s and surround back channels. This is an especially good recommendation IF you’re running 4 ohm speakers for the front soundstage to take some of the pressure off this workhorse.”






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