Philips 55OLED804 4K HDR OLED TV Review


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“Away from 4K HDR, the set’s processing works wonders on standard dynamic range/HD content. Detail levels approach those of true 4K, without exaggerating noise 
or adding grittiness. The Perfect Natural Reality HDR conversion system, meanwhile, introduces a nicely judged increase in an SDR picture’s brightness range without excessive or yellowy white peaks or black crush. So while 
I understand the purist appeal of leaving SDR images relatively untouched, I think you’ll struggle to live without PNR once you’ve tried it. Again I’d suggest sticking with the Minimum setting, though.

Where this TV falters is with its audio. In the plus column there’s an impressive amount of detail and scale to the soundstage, especially if you call in the (off by default) Dolby Atmos height option. And vocals sound surprisingly clear for a TV with no forward-firing speakers. A lack of bass leaves its delivery feeling a bit thin, however – even 
to the point of harshness with some settings or very dense mixes. Add an external sound system if you can.”







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