LG SL8YG 3.1.2 Atmos Soundbar Review

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Such qualities were evident on “Thomas County Law” by Iron & Wine, with Sam Beam’s vocals emanating solidly from the center and the resonant hand slaps on the body of his acoustic guitar filling the front of the room in a realistic manner. An electronic music track, Aphex Twin’s “Produk 29 [101]”, also sounded impressively spacious and full, but the slightly crisp tone of the track’s snare drum and hi-hat samples caused me to knock back the SL8YG’s treble control to the -1 position. The song’s powerful bass came through with good definition—this is clearly not your typical one-note soundbar sub. I did occasion- ally hear some leanness in the system’s upper bass range, but the blend was acceptable for the most part.






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