Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar $2,500 Review

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To test out the Ambeo, I first turned to movie playback using the soundbar’s heavy-duty 3D modes. Watching Avengers: Infinity War in the Standard 3D mode, the opening dialogue between Loki and Thanos provided a great introduction to the surround excitement to come, with their voices mixed over ominous deep strings and a subtle pounding of footsteps that filled the room. The punches when the Hulk battled Thanos, along with wide imaging from the score, came from all around, with a convincing amount of sound from above and behind. But the most dramatic effect was a swirling sound as the oracle Heimdall released his massive powers. When Thanos puts the Space stone from the Tesseract onto his hand, the force pulse expanded out radially from all directions of the soundbar, with a believable amount of sound coming from above.”




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