LG SL8YG 3.1.2 Atmos soundbar Review

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“More distinct details come across well. As the team enters the old complex HQ, the tap of a door keypad has electronic sparkle, while the scratch of cables being plugged in or the whine of old lockers being opened are clean and well-projected. And there’s a nice scale to its native DTS:X presentation. The sound is deep and vertical to a point. Later in the chapter, when Owen enters the jungle in search of Blue, he pauses as a flock of dinobirds pass overheard. The effect is clearly that of height, albeit ahead of me.

Later still the Isla Nublar volcano erupts and havoc ensues. Claire and Franklin are trapped as dust falls from the control room ceiling – a distant voice shouts ‘let’s get out of here!’. Michael Giacchino’s score rises in tension with brassy stabs. It’s a nice smorgasbord of sound that the LG serves up with panache and a pleasingly warm tone.





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